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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Listen to streaming music on your iPhone with the best quality

What a wonderful time to live is this, that with little more than a smartphone or a tablet you set up a party. And is that the sound quality has been democratized: it is no longer necessary to have a record player or a music chain with amplifier to enjoy the music to great quality. Of course, your iPhone is no exception and he can listen to music with the best quality, either from the Music app, Apple iTunes Music or by activating an option available on iOS. We teach you how to do it.

This option improves sound quality by increasing the bit rate of the songs you hear in streaming by mobile data, yes, of course consumption data from your rate will be higher and depending on the speed of data transmission may take longer In charge, so be sure to have a contract with a large data rate before activating it.

In this way, you'll listen to music with the best possible quality from Apple Music, iTunes Radio, iTunes Match and any other songs in your iTunes library via iCloud.

Improving the sound quality of your music on iPhone

The option is very simple but it is inside the huge maremagnum of adjustments that iOS offers in your devices iPhone and iPad. To activate it , go to Settings> Music and make sure that mobile data is active, otherwise you can not select this option.

Once you've enabled mobile data, click on them and enables the transmission of high quality. The sound difference is remarkable, especially if you listen to music through the sound system of the car, or with speakers or headphones quality, yes , always from your iPhone. If you do not mind consume data, should really worth it .

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