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Monday, 7 November 2016

Luca Todesco iPhone tweeting photos iOS10.1.1 jailbroken

Last week, we gave the news that a Reddit user has revealed a video of what appeared to be an iPhone iOS 7 jailbroken 10.1. There was much skepticism about its legitimacy, but now the hacker of IOS, Luca Todesco, share photographic evidence of your own iPhone iOS 7 jailbreak 10.1.1 through Twitter.

10.1.1 iOS is currently the latest public firmware for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads, and has closed a lot of security holes that could have been used for the jailbreak.

Todesco staff jailbreak is not linked to last week, as each version was made by two different people and have probably using different exploits to jailbreak iOS possible 10.

Create a jailbreak for the latest Apple firmware iOS it requires moving to new security measures that prevent the jailbreak, as the KPP (kernel patch protection).

Saurik and shared his opinion about the recent publication of a demo video of the jailbreak on a Reddit thread, particularly noting the hard work of having to use a library as substrate instead to run Cydia tweaks.

According to Saurik, a custom library should be unnecessary and Cydia substrate should work fine on iOS 10, so something is certainly suspicious, so these demos should be taken with tweezers.

On the other hand, Todesco has a long history of launching videos and photos on Twitter of their achievements to the community jaibreak, something that is not liked by everyone because all it does is show off his "capabilities hacking and cracking ".

Rapid launches new iOS firmware Apple is putting a lot of pressure on teams jailbreak that undoubtedly are investigating the possibility of making a public jailbreak of IOS 10. For now it is a battle that Apple is winning.

Releasing a jailbreak to the public requires a lot of resources, including a lot of beta testing across the wide range of iOS devices 10, programming a tool stable for both MacOS and Windows, and then keep up with corrections fixes and improvements beyond the initial public release.

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