Luca Todesco shows an image of 'Yalu', the jailbreak of iOS 10.x

Luca Todesco, an old acquaintance of the scene of IOS, has shown few hours ago a picture of Yalu, or what is the same, the jailbreak of iOS 10.

In addition, in the picture we see how it appears "IOS 10.x", indicating that it is also compatible with IOS 10.1, the latest version published to date.

On the other hand, in the image also mention two notes on the jailbreak, how could not be otherwise, we come to comment below.

  • Due to the nature of the vulnerabilities used, the process could fail several times until it successfully completes.
  • It could take a few minutes to finish successfully.

Of course, the bad news, as usual, is that Luca Todesco usually not publish their progress, so personally do not expect the jailbreak was published the short term.
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