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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Microsoft Ex-CEO Admits Error After "Laughing" iPhone

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft 's former CEO, has acknowledged its mistake and has admitted he was totally wrong about the iPhone.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Steve Ballmer has devoted a few words in relation to his famous quote about the iPhone that took place after its launch in 2007.

Shortly after Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, the former CEO of Microsoft answered some questions about the smartphone during a press conference in a tone of mockery:

"500 dollars? Subsidized? With a fee? I would say it is the most expensive phone in the world. And it should not be aimed at business customers since it does not have a keyboard. Something that makes it not a good machine for emails. [...] Right now we are selling millions and millions of phones a year. Apple is selling zero phones a year. In six months, they will have the most expensive phone in the world on the market. "

Here we leave you with the video of the press conference. No waste, I assure you:

My mother, Ballmer, my mother ... And she said it laughing! I thought the CEO of a technology company should have a little more idea about ... technology.

Steve Ballmer unfortunate statements, which eventually played against him and left him very, very, very bad place ... to him and his company.

Anyway, recently the former CEO of Microsoft acknowledged his mistake during that press conference. Good hours! In an interview Ballmer has admitted that the iPhone was revolutionary and he did not see it.

Also, Steve Ballmer also mentioned that he wished Microsoft had been the first company to have the idea of ​​the iPhone:

"I wish I had the idea of ​​the model of phones with tariffs through operators. People love to point the appointment where I said the iPhone would never sell. Well, the price of $ 600 or $ 700 was very high and it was an innovation in the business from Apple. "

Ballmer has also admitted it was a mistake not to have created handsets and tablets much sooner: " It would have entered the hardware business much sooner." Now, with Surface, Microsoft seems to be doing better, but they have taken too long to enter the market and now Apple and Samsung are difficult to overcome.

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