Microsoft launches its best and most mythical creation for iPhone and iPad -


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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Microsoft launches its best and most mythical creation for iPhone and iPad

No matter who likes it , there is something that Microsoft has clearly marked a time, and no, I do not mean serious privacy issues its latest, Windows 10 operating system , I mean of course, the games have accompanied editions of Windows throughout the history of the company.

We all know the Minesweeper, who consumed the hours of our time like a hungry beast. Or the most recent Pinball, a classic in the eternal computer classes. However, there is one that not only marked a generation with its mechanical complex, but was able to adapt and renew itself over time.

Welcome to the App Store, Microsoft Solitaire Collection

So, after a long wait, and a slight change of plans from the idea of porting to Windows apps iOS comes Solitaire to the App Store, and it does loaded with modes and features. Of the classic Solitaire and only the mechanics remain, and is that with the arrival of Windows 10, the game underwent a radical transformation to take advantage of the new features of this operating system.

Now, iPad and iPhone users can enjoy fun games in five different game modes:

  • Klondike, the timeless classic that many people simply called solo
  • Spider, in which eight columns of cards await you try to clear them with the fewest moves possible
  • FreeCell, where your goal is to use four additional cells to move cards in your attempt to clear them from the table
  • Pyramid, here, must match two cards totaling 13 to remove them from the board and try to reach the top of the pyramid
  • TriPeaks where you have to choose cards in sequence, either up or down, to earn points and clear the board.

In addition, we will have daily challenges with which we can feed our addiction to this famous video game. Even we have the possibility to obtain achievements for our Xbox Live account.

So click on the link, and download and more mythical creation of Microsoft, ahead of their operating systems, Xbox or Office, Solitaire.

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