More than 10 million people get tired of Android -


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Monday, 7 November 2016

More than 10 million people get tired of Android

Today, Android smartphones are the employees on a global scale, while Apple remains the company gets more benefits. According to Google and Apple giant, consumers are always changing from one platform to another, but there is a fully bi - directional flow: the reality is that in the last two years more than ten million users changed the robot by the manzanita, ie, have migrated to iOS.

The analysis was performed with the iOS app called Move to present in Google Play, the Android apps market. This application helps users adapt an Android terminal to an Apple iPhone moving the content and apps easy and simple way. Although available in Google Play, the app has been designed by Apple in order to make life easier for your prospects.

Thus, migrate to iOS was never so easy with a program that simply moving your apps, contacts, photos and videos to your brand new iPhone.

It is estimated that in October 2015 1-5000000 Android users had installed the app, but this estimate rose to fork 10-50000000 only a year later. Obviously, we can not assume that whoever the app is installed is passed to iPhone immediately, but is a good way to monitor the evolution of migration from one platform to another and suggests simply using the most pessimistic figures, that the least ten million Android users have changed for iOS in these two years.

One thing is clear: the trend is growing and Apple has in Android users a potential customer tremendously interested.

If you are even Android and are considering happen to iOS, we leave the link so you can settle and try Move to iOS .

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