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Friday, 11 November 2016

More than 300,000 mobile hacked by Chrome

Viruses and malware are one of the most important issues for smartphone users and developers who are dedicated to exploiting the vulnerabilities of the system to their benefit know it.

In the last three months more than 300,000 devices with the Google system have been attacked using a gap in the Chrome browser that many of them bring factory installed.

Why there are so many hacked mobiles

As most attacks made to Android devices the social engineering component is necessary.

Through Chrome when a person was sailing in certain sites jumped a pop-up indicating that the device had a virus. Any advanced user knows that this is an attempt to scam or attack but many people who, worried, pressed in A banner that tells you that it will fix the problem.

This banner invites you to activate the option to install APKs from external sources and then install the malware.

What Malware Does and How

This malware is designed to steal user information so the device stops or cause any visible problem not work. This is because the more unnoticed you pass the more data you can get.

Adsense ads were the mode of propagation

Something serious is that the platform using the Google Adwords to spread itself so you could skip in a web of our confidence that simply used the popular service announcements Android owner. Google has already reacted and dismissed the guilty accounts.

The APK was lowered with a false name, which inspired confidence. Here are some of them:

  • WhatsApp.apk
  • Google_Play.apk
  • 2GIS.apk
  • Viber.apk
  • DrugVokrug.apk
  • Instagram.apk
  • VKontakte.apk
  • minecraftPE.apk
  • Skype.apk
  • Android_3D_Accelerate.apk.
  • SpeedBoosterAndr6.0.apk
  • New-android-browser.apk
  • AndroidHDSpeedUp.apk
  • Android_update_6.apk
  • WEB-HD-VIDEO-Player.apk
  • Asphalt_7_Heat.apk
  • CHEAT.apk
  • Root_Uninstaller.apk
  • Mobogenie.apk
  • Chrome_update.apk
  • Trial_Xtreme.apk
  • Cut_the_Rope_2.apk
  • Установка.apk
  • Temple_Run.apk

Obviously it is not about any of those applications but I was confident that the user would rely on having knowledge of the names.

How to avoid such problems

As in other scams when using applications with advertising or navigate on the Internet should not ignore the banners that advertise our mobile is in danger, you have a virus or warn us that the phone battery is damaged .

They are always attempts at scams whether by installing malware or by signing up for payment services.

If we really suspect that our mobile has a problem it is best to seek information or take the terminal to a technical service.

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