Move your photos from your iPhone or iPad to Windows using the Photos app -


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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Move your photos from your iPhone or iPad to Windows using the Photos app

We always want to keep our most precious memories with us, to make sure they are safe so we can remember our best moments when we need them most, and a cell phone can not provide us with that security. In addition, our iPhone or our iPad are great tools to create, but are not able to be compared to the ability of a computer, either PC or Mac.

Therefore, and for many other reasons, I think it's really know the best methods for transferring files between the PC and your iPhone or iPad. A few days ago, we explain how you podíais use the file browser , or synchronization via iCloud to carry out the process. Today, we will teach you to import photos through the app, built by default in Windows 10.

How to import images and videos using the Windows 10 Photos app

This is a really simple process, and you should not have any problems to carry it out if you follow the steps correctly:

  1. We will ensure that iTunes is installed on your computer, since the program Bonjour service is absolutely essential for proper communication between the device and the computer.
  2. IPad or iPhone connected to one of the USB ports on your PC.
  3. Photos will start the app, you can quickly find using the search function menu Start Windows 10.

  1. Click on the Import button on the top menu of the app.
  2. Once you have connected the iPad or iPhone, will give us the option to choose the images you want to transfer, which we select with a click.
  3. Select Continue, and all the files you have chosen, will become part of the library of our PC

In this way, we will have to return to need the help of any third - party program, because we can avail ourselves with the software that comes by default our computer with Windows 10. In addition, we can make a fast, intuitive with what already There is no excuse to keep our precious memories on the computer.

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