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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Navigating from the lock screen

Are you one of those users who have made Jailbreak your device by the great customization options and extra features you can add? If so we invite you to LockBrowser, a tweak that lets you surf the Internet from the lock screen.

Although lately the guys Pangu and TAIG going pretty slow to launch new versions of Jailbreak, there are still a number of users who have performed on your iPhone or iPad. And it is that not only allows hackers to install applications that are not available in the App Store, also allows you to add extra features through tweaks.

And this is precisely what the LockBrowser tweak, add a function that may never see natively in future versions of iOS. So if you want more you know about this tweak we invite you to keep reading.

Browse from the lock screen with LockBrowser

LockBrowser is a tweak available in Cydia that lets you surf the Internet from the lock screen of your iOS device. With it you can quickly view a web page without having to unlock it, something that can be very useful when you need to look for a data or information about something quickly.

The tweak is available on the BigBoss repo for € 0.99 and is compatible with all devices with Jailbreak running any version of iOS 7, iOS iOS 8 or 9. And to remember that the Jailbreak is not yet available iOS 10 and it is not known whether it will take long to arrive or even if you arrive sometime.

After installing the tweak on your device you can set various settings to customize: you can set the mode day or night LockBrowser, the home page you want to appear when you open the tweak or customize some details of the interface. As for its operation, to open LockBrowser just turn on the device screen and slide the screen to the left. As simple as that!

How about the ability to access the Internet browser from within the lock screen? Would you like Apple included a role as well in future versions of iOS? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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