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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Now we will Bombard with Advertising through Facebook Messenger

The guys at Facebook not stop surprising. The company's most used social network in the world has announced that advertising messages through Messenger, the instant messaging service, are now available to all companies that want to advertise .

Earlier this year we talked about the arrival of these ads through Facebook Messenger, and now has finally landed this new feature as part of the latest update of the service. Thus, any company that wants to be able to pay for Messenger users receive advertising through this platform.

Lately Facebook has put all its efforts in the chatbot and now have introduced this new feature, which will surely be met with criticism from many users. But let's see in more detail how these ads work in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is about to be filled with advertising messages

The operation would be very simple: very soon you'll start to see ads in your News feed where you can click to be directed to a Messenger conversation with a brand or company. Also, if you previously had any conversation with a company, this could pay Facebook to send funded through a Messenger conversation messages.

But do not worry, because users will have control. And is that Facebook is building some safeguards to prevent companies from spamming users. If you send a business advertising on more than one occasion and you are not interested, you will have the option to block that conversation.

On the other hand, I must say that advertising in Facebook Messenger also make use of chatbots launched by the company recently. Through them users will be able to communicate with companies without having to download a separate app or having to "fight" with customer service.

New ads Facebook Messenger will start to show up throughout this week. But do not worry, since you will only receive messages from a company in case you have contacted her through Messenger in the past, but you have nothing to worry about.

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