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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Open Safari tabs with iOS 10 on iPhone even faster

With iOS 10 Apple has made a strong commitment to simplify and accelerate the user experience through a much more dynamic interface and numerous tactical tricks. One of them is this that we released today, a way to open tabs much faster than previous Safari browser. It's a great trick but is something hidden, though: is undoubtedly the easiest way to open a new tab or close all open . Go for it.

How to open tabs in Safari in one step

1) Find the native Safari browser and open the app

2) Touch and hold the icon that has a square with another square behind in iPhone you'll find it at the bottom of the screen while in iPad appears at the top.

3) a menu that lets you open new tab or close all open displays. Clicking New tab, you immediately encounter a blank page to navigate.

Simple, easy and fast. Even if it is somewhat hidden, you will surely find it very useful and you will not forget it. Ojo, although this trick is also for iPad, is actually oriented especially for iPhone and iPod, since in the iPad interface the "+" icon appears on the navigation screen, so it is not a shortcut as such in The sense of shortening the process.

You can open all the windows you want in the latest versions of Safari for iOS, but of course, as a result we usually end up with a thousand tabs open, impacting the loading speed and navigation, as well as the device cache. To avoid this problem, Apple added to this hidden menu the possibility of eliminating all windows of a stroke.

Did you know the trick? Was it helpful? If so, share it on your social networks!

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