PayPal already allows to send money through Siri

PayPal, the most widely used system in the world secure payment, just received a major update to enable send and request money through Siri.

  • Now you can send and request money with Siri. Try it: you only have to say "Use PayPal to send 125 euros to Sara" or "Ask for 20 euros to Mom with PayPal".
  • Invite a friend to create a PayPal account. It's the fast and secure way to send and receive money for things such as concert tickets, split bills, taxis and more.

In this way, the process will be much faster and easier, because how well point in the list of changes, you only have to activate Siri and say "Use PayPal to send 125 euros to Sara" or "Order 20 euros mom with PayPal ".

On the other hand, the company takes the opportunity to remind us that we can invite our friends to create a PayPal account to take advantage of all its features.

What do you think about the possibility of using Siri with PayPal? Failing to prove it by myself, I consider it a great news characteristic as long as we have to confirm the operation after requesting it in case we had made a mistake in carrying it out.

PayPal is available for free.

PayPal - Send and receive money from the mobile (AppStore Link) PayPal - Send and receive money from your mobile phone 
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