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Friday, 11 November 2016

PlayStation 4 Pro now available. Is it really worth it?

Sony has released today launches its new console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. This model is merely a revision of the already consolidated PlayStation 4 with enhanced features. This console will allow games at resolutions 4K UHD TV playback and use the new virtual reality helmet PlayStation VR .


In terms of performance we are talking about a fairly large improvement. It changes the Ram memory, the GPU and the CPU. All this shows an improvement of around 30% compared to its predecessor. As for graphics performance we would supposedly come to have a power setting twice. It is noteworthy that it has a hard drive of a Tera, which gives us plenty of space for our games. In size we comes to dimensions of 295 x 327 x 55 mm, weighing 3.3 kg.

All this will allow us to play our favorite exclusive games to a resolution never seen before. In addition, the number of frames per second will also be substantially improved. It also comes right to use virtual reality thanks to PlayStation VR. Despite being technically inferior to its rivals, it defends rather well in the field of virtual reality.

One of the drawbacks is that, despite playing 4K content, it is not able to play Blu-ray in that resolution. The games will not be in 4K resolution natively, but will be achieved by rescaling.


The first thing we have to think about when deciding whether to buy one or not is where we will connect it. If we have a monitor or a 4K television earn enough points. If we are like almost all the inhabitants of the planet and still use resolutions of 1080p we do not waste time, we are not worth it.

On the other hand see what games we can take advantage of. Of all the catalog of PlayStation 4 Pro only a limited number of games can be seen in resolution 4K. Approximately 40 games are now estimated available for that quality.

In short, if we do not even think about buying a 4K monitor or screen the answer is a resounding no. On the other hand if we have a know it comes at a price of 399 €. Currently we can find PlayStation 4 for about 170 € in almost any second-hand shop. It is a difference of more than double for a console with a life already passed and that soon will be left outdated. As everything the final decision depends on you, but as far as I'm concerned I think I'll wait for the new console or I'll settle for a second hand.

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