Protecting your iPhone with an additional layer of security

As many know, use two - factor authentication for Apple ID provides an additional layer of security for logging into iCloud by requiring a code in an approved before entering the Apple ID device.

But the functionality of the two - step authentication is for the most recent versions of iOS, thus precluding the iPhone and iPad old can benefit from this process.

Luckily, there is a method to enable two-factor authentication in older devices. And in this article you we will explain in great detail.

How to enable two-factor authentication in iOS

The trick to log double factor on older devices is quite simple. But it can be easily forgotten. For older versions of iOS you must log adding the pin at the end of the regular password code.

To use two-factor authentication in a locked device you must enter the security password as you normally would and immediately the pin code.

For example, if your normal password is "applepassword" and two-factor authentication is "821481" then the correct password to log on to an old Apple device is "applepassword821481".

If you do not apply the pin at the end of the regular password login code it will be rejected. Do not forget the code, because if you do you might find yourself in a situation somewhat uncomfortable with your iPhone or iPad.

This process will allow you to use two - factor authentication on mobile devices with iOS 8 or earlier and the Mac with OS X earlier versions of 10.11.

We hope this little trick you have served useful. If you have any question you know that you can share with us in the comments section, we will be happy to help.

Source | OS X Daily
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