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Monday, 21 November 2016

Protects your iPhone's Lock Screen from Indiscreet Looks

There is no doubt that iOS 10 has brought numerous changes aimed at making iPad and iPhone management a much faster and more convenient experience. One is to completely redesign the lock screen compatible and customizable with various apps, widgets provided with numerous and obviously the ability to manage our device without having to unlock anything.

This option has sparked controversy because of the security breach that offers the use of the terminal without entering any code or fingerprint to verify the user 's identity. And is that with the new screen lock we can respond to a text message without even having to unlock it, so it is within reach of anyone's hand.

If you're a person jealous of your privacy and want to get rid of stalkeo, we will teach a series of tricks designed to maintain a lock screen but perhaps less functional much more reliable to intruders.

Disable notifications

Virtually every app you download has push notifications that immediately notify you of any new activity and that consequently, are stacked on your default lock screen, remaining in plain sight of anyone.

If you go to Settings> Notifications you can disable notifications of applications you deem appropriate. Eye not need to completely disable warnings, simply uncheck the "Show on lock screen" is more than enough for the app does not display your messages.

This trick is especially useful for messaging applications like WhatsApp, Messages, Messenger of Telegram or Facebook, but we can not forget about my productivity and organization as Reminders, Notes , or Calendars.

Reply with quote

The native Apple iMessage app, which has also suffered a dramatic improvement with iOS 10 reply to messages without unlocking the terminal. If we want to prevent an intruder not only see our messages but can answer them without any problem, we will go to Settings> Touch ID and Code and disable Message Reply option.

Turn off everything else: Widgets, Siri, etc.

As with the lock screen we can respond in iMessage, we can also access other utilities like Siri, Home, Wallet, Widgets, etc. If we truly want a safer iPhone ahead of gossip and intrusions, it is advisable to deactivate all this by going to Settings> Touch ID and Code and unchecking the options.

With these simple measures undoubtedly we will lose agility when making certain efforts, but it will be at the cost of protecting our device and its content from the eyes of others.

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