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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Reactivating the classic sound start in the new MacBook Pro

RIP (1993-2016) for the classic startup sound that characterized previous generations of Macs, as from now, the new MacBook Pro does not possess. Still, the audio file remains in the current operating system, so only was disabled by default (even why such a decision is not known), so if you are a nostalgic person, we'll show you how to get back to activate the iconic startup sound.

The new MacBook Pro has disabled the sound of classic start that has been part of previous generations of Macs for the past 17 years. In this short tutorial, we'll show how to reenable the startup sound in your MacBook Pro in late 2016 with a simple Terminal command.

If you are an owner of the new MacBook Pro, you can have back the classic Mac startup sound through a simple Terminal command. To turn the startup tone, all you have to do is open Terminal from the Applications / Utilities (/ Applications / Utilities folder) and run the following command in macOS, hitting the line that appears below in the Terminal window, and then press the "Enter" key:

  sudo nvram BootAudio =% 01 

Once you've completed the previous step, you will be prompted to enter your administrative password.

If you prefer the "silent mode", run the following command to turn off the sound Start:

  sudo nvram BootAudio =% 00 

The typical Mac startup sound, made his debut in 1993 with the iMac G3, but different versions of it have been on Mac from Macintosh II.

This brief tutorial is ideal for those nostalgics who want to preserve some previous generations of Macs.

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