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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Receive notification when your friends are in certain places

The collection of apps developed by Apple for iOS is most varied. We can find from the iWork productivity suite optimized for our iPhone and iPad, with ability to help us in our work group ; to apps like GarageBand, to create our own content from the comfort of our touchscreens.

The vast majority of apps are pretty much used by users. However, some of them spend more unnoticed, and can offer some pretty interesting features (and disturbing alike). I mean Look for my friends, location app that allows us, if permitted by your friends always know where they are.

Always aware of when they get your friends

This application also offers the possibility of being advised with notifications when friends are in a previously specified location. To do this, we need only follow a few simple steps I detail below.

First, we must select the person whose we want to be notified location. Then we touch Notify, and choose when we want to be notified, when you leave or when you arrive. Now select the location as those in the list, or choose manually. We accept and ready.

Is it necessary to come to this?

So simple it is to configure the app to send messages that will be useful to know, for example, when they have arrived at the meeting place. Of course, it is always necessary that the person with whom we want to do, have agreed to share their location with us. And also you must have the phone on, as we have not yet reached the level of the patent show yesterday .

Still, although it requires permission from the person we follow, I do not know if I think a good idea. I'm sure more than one will be uncomfortable when someone, even close, check your location so easily. Is a chilling, the less tad.

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