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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Recording a call on an iPhone

A simple trick lets you use the voice mail service to record any phone call, and it works very well. Not only do you get the call record, but you can also save and share the recording as an audio file.

Why then we 'll show you how to record phone calls on your iPhone, using the voicemail service. Note that you must have voice mail associated with your phone number.

How to record calls on an iPhone

Essentially what you're doing is combining a call with your own voicemail, creating a conference call with yourself, your voicemail and the other on the other side of the call. At the end of the call, it is recorded and appear in your mailbox. To record your llamandas, follow these steps:

  •     Open the application and phone calls a person
  •     Tell the person you are about to record the call, get their permission. You need to put the call on hold for a moment to record communication.
  •     Touch the "Add Call" button and dial your own phone number, that will send you directly to your voicemail answering. 

Once the voicemail starts recording the call, briefly press the button "Merge calls" to merge recording voice message with the call is in progress at the time.

Talk as usual, once the call finished, "hangs" as usual and wait a minute for the call recorded appears in the section "Voicemail" in the application.

And that's all, you have your recorded call.

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