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Friday, 4 November 2016

Reduce data consumption on your iPhone with These Simple Steps

Keeping our data intact is almost an obsession we have many of the people who use our smartphone daily. Wanting to minimize unnecessary spending is not a bad thing, but unfortunately the applications we use in our daily lives do not help us too.

In this article we will show you a way to reduce the consumption of mobile data, and to make ends meet with the required amount.

Keeps track of your data usage

This is one of the most important points. If you want to maintain a moderate use, you 'd better watch every so often how much you spent. There are even options for placing ads when you reach a certain point of spending, you only have to place your monthly plan, and implementation and will be responsible for tracking go use by you.

If you want to see how much data you've used on your iPhone, simply do this:

  • See "Settings"
  • Click on "Cellular" , or Moviles data
  • Swipe down to see your mobile data usage.

Streaming applications

We all like to listen to music on your mobile phone, whether you're traveling or doing some task. There are many applications that can listen to your songs, such as Spotify, Deezer Music or Apple. However, they spend lots of mobile data per track, and even more if we selected the highest quality audio settings.

To stop consumption, we can do it is to use the options "offline" offered by these apps. Spotify, for example, just have to go to disk or song you want and select the option to download.

If you do not have a Premium subscription to these services, we can not download the songs. So either we paid subscription, or sacrifice our data.

Check which applications consume more data

Within the settings menu under each of the applications we find the different amounts of data used by each. If you have not ever reset your application, you will see that the most frequent have more. However, if there are any that seem to consume too much, you can disable it by sliding the switch to Off.

Use the WiFi when possible

Forget about being embarrassed to ask your friend that you connect to your home WiFi. In doing this you'd be avoiding many problems with your mobile data.

If you are in the street, you can always use those applications that serve to show you a map of WiFi connections that exist in our city, and avoid overspending.

Turn off automatic updates

This may be our nemesis. Automatic updates with mobile data they are of the worst things that can happen, especially when we are busy and we have no idea that our iPhone is updating everything.

You can disable them all, or just select the option to be updated only when our terminal is connected to a WiFi signal.

As you can see, reducing our consumption is something very simple. Except if you use applications like Instagram, which ultimately walk consuming more than they should .

How many mobile data you use per month? Leave your answer in the comments!

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