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Monday, 14 November 2016

Reduce your stress with the best apps to relax

We are at that time when everything starts to pile up, exams, work, work ... See you completely overwhelmed by the day, and costs keep pace with all that stress on our shoulders.

A few days ago, we help with your productivity and bloggers . Today, we present a series of apps to improve our daily lives, with the help of various relaxation techniques. This complete applications, from relaxing sounds and images, to various meditation tutorials, will allow us, after a few days of use, to see results in our routine.

calm down

This app offers a series of tutorials to get started in mindfulness, meditation discipline that help us relax and continue our day to day hard. We can choose to enjoy only the free guides, or purchase a subscription to access all content.

Relax Melodies

Relaxing Melodies App

A series of relaxing audios that will offer us the possibility of enjoying sessions even more enjoyable rest. We can choose from a wide variety of sounds, designed to improve our sleep, or just to focus better on what matters most.


Peaceful App

Our life is influenced greatly by our moods. Knowing how to relax in situations of stress or deep sadness will help us improve our overall performance. Follow the status of your daily emotions and improve your mental health with this great app.


HelloMind App

Be guided by this innovative coach mental health and relaxation, and discover how important it is to keep your emotions under control to improve your safety and physical health. It is never too late to improve our lives with a few minutes of concentration daily.


Omvana App

Thousands of free and paid audios designed to change our lives completely. That's how this app meditation, which proves how important it is to keep our thoughts always ordered presented.

Technology, can turn our lives into a hell fueled by overinformation and the stress of being always connected. But also can help us to look forward in a more relaxed way, as demonstrated by the apps that we have shown.

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