Researchers are developing a prototype battery is fully charged in seconds. That could be used on the iPhone

In the future, we may charge the iPhone battery full in a few seconds ago, researchers from the university are developing a prototype battery that up.

The battery is fully charged in seconds.

It is reported that researchers from the University of University of Central Florida (UCF) developing a prototype iPhone battery is fully charged at the time in seconds. The battery such as a capacitor for. (Supercapacitors) that can fully charge the capacitor, and a lot faster.

The extra battery that can be recharged at the same time without charging cycles. The researchers tested lithium-ion rechargeable battery prototype has reached around 30,000, it can work normally.

For capacitor battery Supercapacitors The researchers revealed that Can be recharged faster than conventional batteries. Because the capacitor on the surface of the material, which outperformed the capacitor, do chemical reactions. The surface of the material to be used as a capacitor, a 2D (two-dimensional), which can charge a lot.

Of course, such technology has not been developed and put to commercial devices expected in the future, but are subject to research and development. The prototype battery is currently part thereof. For use in small devices, or devices worn. Therefore, it is likely that we will see this technology in the Apple Watch and iPhone, it is not.
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