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Friday, 11 November 2016

Rome: Total War Just Released, and Only iPads Can Move It

The company Feral Interactive, a company specializing in portage games to iOS and Mac company, has confirmed his most recent work Rome. Total War is available now to anyone who wants to play one of the best games RTS of all the Times.

As the title already indicates, Rome: Total War is made exclusively for iPads, which it makes sense if we consider that we have to move large armies on our battlefield and also in real time.

A title that only supports iPads

As already confirmed, developers have reported that the game will run excellently on the following Apple devices:

  • iPad Air (1st generation and later).
  • iPad Mini 2 (or later).
  • Any iPad Pro.

If you own any of the devices mentioned above, all you need to do to start playing Rome: Total War is paying the price of $ 9.99.

A great system with epic battles

If you have not played any of the games Total War, you should know that all of them offer battles to epic scales between vast armies Rome. Total War offers an integration between strategy and tactics, and at the same time allows us to use diplomacy , Subterfuge and assassinations to make battles much simpler and achieve the fastest victory.

For those who have been waiting for the game since it was announced months ago, they should remember that it takes at least 4 GB of free space on the device for download and installation.

As always, we hope that Feral Interactive has done an excellent job with Rome. Total War, and we are sure we will not find any problem with the overall performance of the game or its controls If you want to buy, here we leave the link.

Have you been waiting for this game? Leave your answer in the comments!

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