Rumors about Apple continue, this time with the report taken by the Wall Street Journal -


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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Rumors about Apple continue, this time with the report taken by the Wall Street Journal

While the end the last months of 2016 have been full of rumors about Apple, was as always the iPhone that has finished taking the greatest flood of these, it is that since it 's been a long time everyone is waiting to see To know what the great change that the Californian company promises to give for the next years.

Change of course seems forced by market conditions, especially if Apple wants to stay on top. Add to this more than we can say that this has been arguably the most loaded of rumors or rather expectations regarding the next phone moved from the Cupertino company on its flagship year.

And when this trend highly reliable media such as the Wall Street Journal, which directly have an impact on the value of listed shares of a company, then it is time to put a much more serious attention bind because it is leaking Truly reliable.

The report of the journal

What has been the highlight of this leak, is the affirmation of something that has already been anticipated from other sources, the move Apple into the OLED technology that will allow your screen into a curved shape, which among other things brings the benefit of A greater depth of image.

However, this move brings into the be the possibility of a much larger savings in terms of energy consumption, since OLED screens consume proportionally much less electricity than conventional screens.

All detriment that the price would rise above fifty dollars on all models of the Apple company to have this technology.

Perhaps this is precisely the reason why, what most surprised of this filter is that Apple has on preproduction iPhone ten test where only one has the OLED screen. Everything seems to indicate that among these ten prototypes are those of 2017 where it is now more doubted that the move to the curved is this year.

Since 2018 it is estimated that Apple is reserving at least five prototypes will eventually bring to market.

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