Samsung to Integrate a Personal Assistant to the Siri Creators on the Galaxy S8 -


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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Samsung to Integrate a Personal Assistant to the Siri Creators on the Galaxy S8

Samsung acquired the company Viv Labs, a startup in San Jose founded by the creators of Siri.

The new artificial intelligence called Viv and works, like Siri, as a virtual personal assistant.

Now, Samsung has confirmed to Reuters that integrate Viv in the next Galaxy S8.

Viv will compete with Siri and Google Assistant

As indicated by the Samsung Galaxy leaks S8 will have a special button to invoke the new concierge service. Of course, the terminal will be delayed until April 2017.

We know this information because the latest prototypes of Galaxy S8 apparently include a side button to be used for Viv. Although the prototypes are not the final version yet and it is estimated that the technology is not implemented in the Galaxy S7.

Injong Rhee, chief technology officer of Samsung, mentioned last week that the artificial intelligence Viv significantly differ from other existing personal assistants in current smartphones.

"Improving the design of your most important product to implement and highlight a feature will underline Samsung's ambitions in the digital assistant market."

According to the company, Samsung will use the pull of the S8 to expand the artificial intelligence technology Viv other products, such as home automation accessories, tablets, wearables and other devices.

Finally, it is noteworthy to note that Viv will be able to perform other kinds of actions that Siri, for example, can not do. It is still unknown what kind of benefits will be offered, but there is already a great desire to know them ...

What do you think of Viv? Do you think Samsung will improve the functionality and user experience of Siri?

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