Samsung will copy Apple once again with the Galaxy S7 matte black edition -


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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Samsung will copy Apple once again with the Galaxy S7 matte black edition

You remember that we have recently talked a lot about the possibility that Apple will launch a model in glossy white or Jet White not only iPhone 8 but even speculated that they did in a special edition of iPhone in July , somewhat less surprising taking into account the modus Operandi of Apple. The reality is that today we can find the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in five colors: gold, rose gold, silver, matte black and the iconic glossy black.

Well, in a display of imagination most likely Samsung will launch its Galaxy S7 in the same black brilliant color it has become an emblem of the latest Apple in smartphones. It is not the first time Apple Samsung blatantly copy - recently talked about the implementation of 3D Touch technology in the next Samsung Galaxy S8 - and probably the last.

The launch would be made in early December, according to sources from the manufacturers of components of the Korean company. For now, it looks like it will be a kind of exclusive special edition for the Asian continent, but why do not they do that on a global scale? However, it is not the first time that Samsung launches any special edition, as they already did with the coral blue of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The fierce battle Samsung and Apple to corner the lead in the high - end smartphone is offering us great developments by either side, such as the virtual assistants and explosive failures, which Samsung and flammable Galaxy Note 7 they are clear winners .

Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is available in Black Onyx gold and platinum, which is already bright enough, but the Korean giant looks set to go for a spin more with that fresh and youthful finish featuring Jet Black. Nor would it be preposterous to have the coexistence of two models in black, although Apple himself has two models in black and two in gold.

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