Samsung's race to imitate the colors of Apple continues now with a black S7 -


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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Samsung's race to imitate the colors of Apple continues now with a black S7

The backstory is nothing new, in fact, since the two companies are engaged in this heated competition for high - end smart phone market, has been the Korean company Samsung which has completed almost always mimicking Apple, the Less in terms of colors.

Thus it was that last year we saw gold and pink versions metallised on the Galaxy models Note that the firm Asian sack the market, and now the course is aimed directly towards the design and colors of the iPhone 7 course with its rival more direct Samsung Galaxy 7 of which are already being sold in preorders black versions.

What is known

The dark version of Samsung Galaxy 7 comes to be a decal of metallized dark colors iPhone 7 were already iconic of this model, together with which the Korean firm seeks to play down differentiation model badge on preferences that apparently came Sporting the latest model of the apple.

Of course in terms of Apple this is only the development of their preferences on the facts with the phrase "let the competition follow our steps" but history has not been developing as usual and this latest move by Samsung Seems to close the gap for 2017.

In fact, some executives of the Asian firm has leveraged the fact that sales S7 it has been gaining the iPhone 7 as the Asian model reported sales of 15,000 units per day while the seven - model of the Californian firm handles even the figure of 10,000.

However, if we keep in mind about this, even the preference for Apple remains latent not only in America but also in many Asian capitals, mainly due to the concept of quality that still remains around the firm nowadays.

Yet the reality is that not only the competition is harder and longer in many ways things are equalized or advantage for Samsung, but this 2017 will be a decisive year between maintaining hegemony or the emergence of a new.

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