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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Scan your Documents and Photos with the Best Apps on your iPhone or iPad

Nowadays mobile devices are capable of doing virtually everything, even scanning documents with great quality. So much so that one could say that is no longer necessary to have a scanner at home when scanning a document or even a photograph.

The App Store has different scanning applications for both the iPhone and the iPad, which offer a quite acceptable quality results. All these applications make use of the main device camera to take a picture of the document or photo to scan.

With these applications you can scan a document and then print it , attach it in an email, share via a messaging app, upload it to the cloud or simply save it . But we do not entertain any more and we are going to see some of the best and most popular options that currently exist for the iPhone and iPad. Let's go there!

The best scanner applications for iOS devices

Thanks to this type of applications you can convert your paper notes, documents or sketches into a digital copy or save pages of books to consult at any time from the iPhone or iPad. On the other hand, scanner applications for mobile devices today are very useful in day to scan the identification and even to sign and scan a contract to mail it .


This application is primarily intended to scan and save photos using the iPhone camera or iPad. Thanks to PhotoScan can digitally scan photos with great quality and no glare, because it uses a capture process step by step. On the other hand, once the process is completed an automatic cropping based on edge detection is performed and you will be able to back up all photos scanned in the Google Photos app.

Scanbot 6

This is a document scanner and QR codes that can create PDF or scanned in high resolution JPG documents. Subsequently, the scanned documents and images can be sent by email or if you prefer to upload it to a cloud storage service.

Best scanner applications for iPhone and iPad.

Scanbot 6 features different scanning options that improves the result: choose the color mode, the type of documents and automatic optimization. But Scanbot 6 is not only useful for scanning images and documents, it is also a QR code scanner. Also, you have to say that you have two options, a free version and another Pro with more features and features.

CamScanner +

CamScanner + is the mobile application number 1 to scan images and documents worldwide with over 60 million users. It offers fast scanning documents, optimizing scan quality, can extract text from images and protect important docuentos, among others things.

Scanner Pro 7

Scanner Pro 7 turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner capable of scanning documents and images with high quality in seconds. Scanned documents can be uploaded to the cloud, shared by email, saved to the Photos app, even printed or faxed.

These are the best scanner applications for iPhone and iPad you can currently find in the App Store. Obviously there are many more, but these are the ones we consider iPadizate are more complete and offer a higher quality to users.

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