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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Secret in Pokémon GO that nobody has discovered yet

Now we have over the weekend you can take to squeeze thoroughly GO Pokémon event which is in force. You know: you have bonus for the first captured Pokémon of the day, for the first Poképarada and each season delivers tons of gifts. Not only that: there is a secret that no one has discovered yet. Will you be the lucky one?

We do not know if Niantic is creating "hype" to return to Pokémon GO or there really is a mystery in the game, but what we do know are the statements of the company: there is something big out there. Well, not with these words.

Niantic maintains interest in Pokémon GO thanks to intrigue

It's no secret that a lot of users have long since abandoned Pokémon GO. Nor is it a secret his biggest problems: the lack of a radar with finding the creatures and the game ends becoming very monotonous. Against this lack of secrets we have the 100 new Pokémon that will enter in next versions and something that has not discovered nobody yet.

According to John Hanke, CEO of Niantic:

There's a [secret] out there and we'll see how the game goes in the coming weeks.
As you see, it is not that John was very lavish, and that it would be better to do so. The future of Pokémon GO remains on tenterhooks about the lack of expectations. And creating a halo of mystery around "easter eggs" is not the best of strategies.

An egg of 20 kilometers? Will we finally be able to capture Ditto?

Who knows. ignore what they mean in Niantic when they mention that "hidden secret out there", but it is very strange that, with millions of players joining daily, none has sounded the alarm. Maybe that change has been introduced in the most recent version. Or maybe not: it would be very funny to wear it on Pokémon GO right from the start.

Why do you bet, what do you think is the secret? Does it motivate you enough to find him to play again?

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