Send messages and SMS from the web and email with this trick -


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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Send messages and SMS from the web and email with this trick

Mac users and iOS - both iPhone and iPad - can use the native app iMessage not only from the application itself, but also from the web, email or any other place thanks to a trick that you are going to teach. Thus, you can send and receive SMS messages or via the app messages but without it, ie, indirectly through a URL.

This is quite similar to starting a FaceTime call from a URL or web trick and can be useful for personnel directories, inside pages, emails, HTML signatures, or simply if you want to provide an easy method of contact through a General website. It sounds more complicated than it is, so we let it.

Using a link to send an iMessage

The only secret to start a conversation with iMessage is simply employ the appropriate url.

If you know a little HTML will be more natural, but just have to memorize it. You see, it is insert a link but instead to use the classic http: // or ftp: // is replaced by iMessage: //.

We show you what they look like to have, yes, you must specify an email address, a phone number or Apple ID as recipient. The format would be something like this:

  • iMessage: //
  • iMessage: // AppleID
  • iMessage: // PhoneNumber

Come up with an example to make it look clearer.

If I want to send a message to the number 612345678 - needless to say, but it's a fake phone - I'll have to write: iMessage: // 612345678

Therefore, the structure of the URL to open iMessage (or send text messages from the iMessage application) would be:

 <a href=imessage://612345678>Escríbeme un iMessage</a> <a href=imessage://612345678> Write me an iMessage </a>
What if what I have is an email, for example

Then I shall write: iMessage: //

As we mentioned before, it can be a good idea to sign our email, so that any recipient of the emails can simply click on link and write via messages. Clicking the link will cause the iMessage app opens with the recipient

But also as a form of contact in a blog or website. If for example you click on this link, - we simply inserted the phrase above code at the entrance - it will open immediately the iMessage app and contactarías with recipient. This is a demonstration and not the e-mail does not exist.

Interesting, right? Try the trick and let us know what you think

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