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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sending Messages with Siri on Apple Watch

Besides being an / a partner / a faithful and / a fabulous / a personal assistant, Siri on the Apple Watch can become a great communication tool. Especially when sending text messages ...

In this short guide will explain, step by step, how to send in applications Apple Watch via Siri.

There are different methods to do this, so we will divide the tutorial into three categories. Let's start!

How to Use a Message with Siri on the Apple Watch

1. Press and hold the Digital Crown.

2. When you activate Siri, then say: "Send a message to [name or telephone number]".

3. If necessary, select the device you want to send the message.

4. Press the microphone button.

5. Say your message.

6. Press the Digital Corona to send your message or ask Him to Siri.

Additionally you can also say: "Tell [contact name] we are going to eat at Burger King".

How to use a message with Siri without touching the Apple Watch

1. After using the function Raise to Wake to turn the Apple Watch say "Hey Siri".

2. Say: "Tell [contact name] I miss you."

3. When Siri displays the message, ask: "Hey Siri, send it ".

How to Answer a Message with Siri on the Apple Watch

1. Turn on your Apple Watch to see the notification message received.

2. Say, "Hey Siri responds".

3. Click on the microphone button.

4. Tell Siri your message.

5. Press the Digital Crown to send your reply.

So easy is to send and reply messages through Siri at Apple's company's Apple bite bite. Without a doubt, the wearable Apple is an ideal device to keep in touch with our friends when we hardly have time to write messages. What do you think? Do you use often platform iMessage on your smartwatch?

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