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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Siri in lock screen and security, incompatible concepts

I will not tire of saying it, our private life depends in the first instance on the safety of our mobile phone. In a society that is virtually impossible to eliminate our fingerprint, we must be very careful when handling our information, as you never know who can access it, or that might do after having succeeded.

And it is that our Smartphone, is the main bridge between us, and services. Therefore, it is usual for a large amount of sensitive information to be located in our terminals, so that we always have it handy. But this also brings them closer to others, with motives quite different from ours, and without doubt our main objective should be to prevent our data from being left in their hands.

The security of the lock screen, in question

That is why, when you discover an error like this, you need to take action. And they have managed to circumvent the iOS lock screen, and access phone contacts, without much more than a FaceTime call, and a little conversation with Siri, as we explained not long ago right here . This is completely inadmissible, considering that this is not the first hole caused, at least in part, by Siri.

From AppleInsider discussed the risk that can make this error, it is that no one likes to walk rummaging through your contacts. Let's not even talk about whether it is a company mobile with confidential information, which in some cases may even become a reason for dismissal.

Siri, again in the spotlight

Apple's digital assistant, has returned to be placed in the middle of the lights, and is that it is thanks to your intervention, are possible errors like this. It has again shown how important it is to keep Siri off in the lock screen. Or directly, do not lose sight of our phone. Although, in any case, it starts to be quite annoying, to see how Apple seems to let Siri pass on the lock screen cause these kinds of security holes.

So, we return to the same dilemma of digital privacy and the protection of our data. We can not kid ourselves something that takes control of our lives. We are almost completely dependent on our digital devices, and that is why, we must protect them more than ever.

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