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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

So will the iPhone 8

There are still quite a few months left before Apple's flagship product, the iPhone, has a new model. But every time they leave knowing more details enliven the wait and also allow us to intuit what the iPhone 8 and even make the first sketches. Apple plans to revolutionize the market and gossip gives a good example.

Below you are the most faithful images according to the rumors that emerged around the iPhone 8 Apple outlined by iDropnews . Still, remember that with Apple everything is possible. Especially when the iPhone 8 concidirĂ¡ with the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone.

A new model Jet White: iPhone 8 White

Currently Apple has on the market its iPhone 7 in elegant metallic finishes and 4 colors: glossy black, matte black, gold and the successful rose gold. But everything indicates that there will be a new color in the family: Jet White for iPhone 8 reminiscing past as the iPhone 4. So far, it has been speculated even a launch of iPhone 7 Jet White outside the expected dates .


One thing is undeniable: every iPhone is more elegant and minimalist than the last. Like many other manufacturers, Apple aims to be the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone borderless , and therefore has already patented several developments optimizing the space chassis.

Integrating the Home button on the screen and the front camera should not be a problem for Cupertino. In addition, the display will be the highlight of this model, which will be OLED and curved ; while the current version is superb with OLED technology blacks are blacker and battery consumption will be lower, a key issue for users.

Finally, an iPhone borderless allow some models with larger screen. It seems that iPhone away from their versions 4.7 and 5.5 inches jumping to 5 and 5.8 inches .

Iris scan

Apple has since 2014 investigated with this innovative technology through the acquisition of the company specializing in motion capture FaceShift and experimenting with iPhone sensors to improve facial recognition. The great workhorse of Apple in the investigation is none other than artificial intelligence, as said its latest investment .

Therefore, it is expected that the iPhone 8 Apple is expected to implement biometric facial recognition and iris scanning. But will not be the only new technologies: 3D rendering lead to better precision and improve the interpretation of facial expressions thanks to Emotient .

Goodbye to Home Button

Even more minimalism on the iPhone 8. And with a borderless screen, the new model called for simplicity to the maximum, so we bid farewell to his iconic single front button increasing the available space. We'll see how they manage Apple the absence of such a functional tool. As goodbye to jack 3.5 mm, intuit to be a controversial farewell .

Touch ID

Without Home button next question that comes to mind is where will be located the Touch ID, which allows the introduction and fingerprint reader. Thanks to a recent patent we can know that Apple will put it directly on the screen. In this patent we see that they have experimented with up to three possibilities for this: optically, capacitive and ultrasonic.

Design with new materials and new sizes

This is one of the most controversial and variable issues. While some models suggest three sizes : 4.7, 5 and 5.5 inches respectively, others believe that the absence of edges allow Apple revolutionize its 0.3 inch size and increase its existing and traditional models but without Alter the size of your chassis. That is, we tend to think that Apple will release models of 5 and 5.8 inches.

In any case, ceramics and glass are suggested as the materials that make up its elegant housing , returning to the times of iPhone 4. Something that clashes with Jet designs - black and white brilliant - but it would increase its scratch resistance . Finally, aluminum will remain the metal chosen to combine with other materials.

We can not forget that speculated with flex iPhone , although we think Apple will leave for future iPhone models in August.

Storage capacity

Based on iPhone 7 expected to repeat Apple in terms of storage capacity with 32 models, 128 and 256 gb. Especially considering the resounding sales success of the iPhone 7 32gb, a capacity that seems to be enough for a good part of users, less demanding when it comes to installing apps or storing high quality videos, photos in high Definition or Live Photos.


Apple has been widely criticized in recent times to keep raising prices without significant improvements. Specifically complaints have focused on the new MacBook Pro 2016 , which has increased the cost by providing little more than the Retina technology and Touch Bar .

However, prices of iPhone in July launched in September following the traditional awaited iPhone line and is not believed that with the iPhone 8 will make an exception: ie similar prices are expected to seen so far, perhaps with a slight rise of at least $ 50 on each line because of the numerous innovations. In any case, the experience enjoyed by the users of iPhone 7 attest that the investment is worth.


Missing just over 10 months of its launch in September 2017, but it looks like Apple is preparing a revolution with its iPhone in August. Stay tuned to our website to get to know all its improvements Estate.

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