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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Solve the Bluetooth Problems of your iPhone 7

After more than a month of using iPhone 7 We have analyzed whether it is worth purchasing because although we can enjoy great experiences of use due to its speed, the quality of your screen, cameras and sound or the new button home, the reality is we have also identified some problems in iPhone 7 as can be via Bluetooth connectivity.

And that, as I have a few weeks ago, iPhone users have reported some irregularities in July of Bluetooth as synchronization with BMW vehicles , but not the only one of them. Supposedly successive updates of iOS 10 could have solved these problems, but it seems that has not happened. But this issue can go down in history thanks to some tricks we tell you.

Restart your iPhone 7

Yes, we know: it is a classic in computer science. But sometimes simply turning off and on our devices magically solve some problems, and given its simplicity, will be the method we use first.

Sync your devices back to iPhone 7

If the total reset does not work, try re - syncing the devices you want to use with your iPhone 7 To do this follow these steps.:

1) Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth. 2) Click on the icons that can see connected devices and select Forget this device.

3) Put the device you want to pair listening mode to connect via Bluetooth again, and sync.

Resets the network settings of your iPhone

Reset network settings should always be the last option. Doing so will remove any Wi-Fi networks you've saved, so you'll have to re-enter the keys again. We explain how to do it:

1) Go to Settings> General

2) Click Reset, and then Reset Network Settings.

3) You will have to enter your security code to complete the process. Confirm by pressing OK.

If all else fails ...

If none of the above has managed to solve the connectivity problem of your iPhone 7, is the time to call for service. The latest updates of iOS 10 is supposed to fix these bugs were - and many others - but if you have not solved your problem, could perhaps be a hardware problem.

Of course, if you experience problems with only one device - but the rest of gadgets can connect successfully via Bluetooth - then beware, because the fault could be in the gadget itself and not in your iPhone 7, so test first to see if you can Connect other devices.

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