Solve the problems of disconnections between your iPhone and your Apple Watch -


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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Solve the problems of disconnections between your iPhone and your Apple Watch

I've had an Apple Watch, and I can safely say that the connection errors between the iPhone and the clock are the most common. It becomes very annoying to find that Apple Watch apps suddenly do not work as they should, even more, if the notifications stop coming.

And is that the clock is nothing without its permanent connection to the iPhone. Well, if anything, an expensive activity bracelet. However, to avoid panic every time this happens (if it happens), today we bring you a series of tricks that will help you solve this problem.

Bluetooth and Apple Watch, a complicated relationship

By default, the work of keeping our devices synchronized relies on Bluetooth connectivity. There are few occasions when the Apple Watch connects to the iPhone over Wi-Fi, and it is much better to maintain a direct connection to the device.

So, in case we have a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity of the watch, the first thing we should do is access to Settings, Bluetooth, and unlink the iPhone from the clock, to link again after a few moments. If this does not work, we will deactivate Bluetooth, to activate it again. Something that seems obvious, but that usually works in many cases.

Some more extreme measures ...

If these steps do not work, we should check that both the iPhone and Apple Watch are up to the latest versions of iOS and WatchOS. If so, we can only reset our clock following this tutorial , since it is possible that an error has wreaked havoc on it (can happen, I know from experience).

Personally, I have had to follow these steps myself several times, but in the end I have always managed to solve it. That yes, it makes you waste time on something that we should not have to worry about, and that coming from a clock, is not the best thing that can happen to you.

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