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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Soon, you could find your iPhone without switching on

In a world in which our lives are part of digitized files that you can access from our mobile devices, it is important to ensure that these will always be with us. Even in the event that we could not carry them, we should be able to know at all times where they are.

Because if it is true that today "give away" our data network everywhere, it is not the same as the question an algorithm that treats the person we stole mobile. That is why today, let's take a look at the future of mobile security, Apple's hand.

Our mobile always located

Apple ahead of us how it could be the next essential element of security. And, as indicated in the patent, could be working on a tracking system designed to operate without having the phone on, it would go beyond sending our last location .

In the patent , the possibility that one of the components of the iPhone, is able to collect the GPS position, then pass it through various means the user has configured as described. Thus, the authorities would easier to locate when a thief or the user himself, if required.

The main possible disadvantage, privacy

Currently, we find that security has become a determining factor in choosing our phone. What we once seemed unthinkable, like having a fingerprint or iris mobile, it is now becoming essential, and this could be repeated with this locator.

However, I see a possible problem when being implemented. And it is that not many people will see as beneficial power always locate your phone, for obvious privacy issues. I honestly do not see a danger if handled correctly, but there are many other people who will not see it precisely as an advantage.

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