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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Spend the Dead Hours with the Best Casual Games for iPhone and iPad

Users who usually play with the iPad or iPhone from time to time, including myself included, do not always want a game that requires our attention. Also sometimes you are looking for a game that serves to distract yourself a few minutes and disconnect, and there is nothing better for it than casual games.

In the app store you can find a bunch of casual games that you'll have a good time and distract you while you go back home by public transport, while waiting for friends where you've been or just sitting on the couch at home. These games are not very complex, but rather the opposite, they are very simple, fun and do not involve having to play long games.

Do you dare to try out one of these casual games that we recommend next?

Best casual games to entertain in your free time with your iPhone or iPad


The goal is simple: get the ball into a cube, which is necessary to overcome several obstacles before. The first levels are very simple, but as we go forward the thing is complicated and we also have to try to get as far as possible, because if you run out of lives you will return to the beginning, so it becomes a rather addictive game.

Give It Up! 2

A platform game in which music is a very important part, is that the small ball of hair you have to handle jumps on the platform at their own pace. Each screen has three levels of difficulty and should try to reach the end without dying In the attempt while collecting little stars.


In this puzzle you have to put different abstract pieces floating to make the shadow form a recognized object. It may seem easy, but nothing further from reality.

Shadow Bug

Solve puzzles, defeat different monsters and discover hidden in this world of shadows secrets. In this game you will become the ninja hero Shadow Bug and you will have to overcome little by little different levels to get to save your native forest from the attack of the monsters.

Shadow Bug Rush

This is the second part of Shadow Bug, and it shadows the insect has struck again. If you like killing monsters you can not miss trying this incredible platform game.

Planet Quest

Another game in which the music is very present, in which you are throwing an alien UFO rays from rabbits and giraffes that appear on planet Earth, but watch it with flowers! You will not have to give those. The pace and speed will be increasing gradually complicating everything, but try to get the maximum possible score.

Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman is a classic that could not miss. This platform game has over 75 levels full of fun and entertainment, but also have to fight the 3 big bosses to level to reach the island of Non-so- Dead

Crossy Road

This game is very simple but very addictive. You 'll have to get the chicken cross the road full of obstacles and traffic, besides having to go collecting all the coins you can. All this without the hen dies run over in the attempt. You will get it?

Impossible Road

One of the most minimalist arcade games you can find in the App Store. You 'll have to guide the ship in its descent by a type roller coaster track at full speed, all without falling into the void.

These are the ones we think are the best casual games that can currently be found in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. With them you can entertain yourself in the dead times and have a good time, but be careful, because some are most addictive.

With which one or which of them would you stay? Would you add another to the list? If so, please share in the comments with us and other readers.

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