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Friday, 18 November 2016

Surprises When Disarming the Macbook Pro with Apple Touch Bar

The new Macbook pro has been the most anticipated release of her signature block for this November, and more so the vast majority of fans of this super computer is still enthroned at the top of laptops since almost A decade were in the expectation of acquiring one immediately.

And as happens with most tech gadgets, as it began to make viral entry into selling this version of the Macbook in some iStore California and a few other states in America, there were those who acquired first - hand I disarm it to see what it was carrying.

And it can be said that in this the Macbook pro with touch bar brings us some good and other bad news, where of course the last ones have tended to disappoint quite a lot of people who love the brand.

Shall we start with the good ones?

Well, what stands out in positivism is that this version is several grams lighter, exactly 20 grams less than its predecessor and all due to improvements in battery and touch the weight of the bar itself. If we add the improvements in the new components of the brand for this year, this becomes the main summary of benefits.

However, another point that may be good news for many is that within the 2016 version there are parts that are still directly compatible with the previous version so replacing them will not be more of a problem. Such is the case of the trackpad, for example.

Now the bad news begins with the speakers, where although they were expected to improve in terms of their distribution, in this model are located on the sides cutting much of the quality expected in the computer, coupled with it the piece the touch bar itself becomes practically irreplaceable since it is directly to the central board.

If we add that the battery also adheres with adhesive to the hardware, we find that operations that were once simple as replacing the battery now become quite difficult.

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