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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Take advantage of your Chromecast and your iPhone or iPad with the Best Apps

Do you have a CC or you're thinking about getting one soon? Some believe that this little accessory is not very useful, but today we bring you a small selection of some of the best applications for iPhone and iPad with which you can make the most Match to your Chromecast.

Perhaps more than once you've wondered what applications iPhone and iPad are compatible with Chromecast. The truth is that they are more than you can imagine, and today we show you a few of them. Let's go there!

Get the most out of your Chromecast with these iOS apps!

Google Home

If you are new to Chromecst this application it is one of the first you should download. With Google Home can configure, manage and control your Chromecast, browse the most popular content from your compatible apps even control playback of content. In addition, Google Home allows you to customize your TV screen, as well as discover new apps, offers and content.


Another basic and essential applications Chromecast is YouTube, offering one of the most fluid when stream content to your TV experience. YouTube allows you to set your own playlist to enjoy hours of entertainment with your videos favorites, and why not, with music videos. You choose!


Another essential app you can not miss if you have Chromecast is Netflix. It offers an experience of perfect use and thanks to its compatibility you can enjoy your favorite series and movies on your television.


Stream your favorite broadcasts directly to your television with Twitch for iOS and your Chromecast. You can enjoy an experience to two screens on television and you see the action from the iPhone you can interact with other viewers and your favorite streamers through chat.


TED offers access to more than 1,000 videos of TED Talk, covering a wide range of topics. Viewing it through Chromecast is as easy as clicking the Chromecast button and choosing the video you want to play.

Pocket Casts

One of the best podcasting apps available for iPhone and iPad. With Pocket Casts can play your favorite podcasts through Chromecast television while you're doing other chores at home, you just have to choose what you want to hear and add them to the device.

Tricky Titans

Tricky Titans is a game that can have up to five players on the same television. Each man controls his Titan with his smartphone (iPhone or Android), during his turn each player can decide the movement of his character and when everyone has chosen only wait to see what happens.

Spotify Music

Control your music through the iPhone or iPad and enjoy it through TV through Chromecast. Spotify offers one of the best streaming music experiences and access to your music library and playlists.

Big Web Quiz

Chromecast is not just for video and music, it is also a perfect device to enjoy games. We've already talked before Tricky Titans, but we also want to mention another game called Big Web Quiz where you have to answer the phone to the question on television. It is a fast game that allows you to connect up to 6 devices per game, so the fun is assured.


Plex allows you to configure a wireless media server in your home to enjoy TV programs, series, movies, photos and music. With the Plex iOS app can control and issue all this content through TV by connecting it to Chromecast.

Just Dance Now

The game's most popular dance in the world is also present in iOS and you can get even more out if you have Chromecast. It has more or less the same functions that the version of the game for game consoles, with the difference that to capture the movements You must hold your iPhone with your right hand.


If you have lots of photos and videos of your vacation or your last weekend getaway and want to show it to your friends or family, AllCast is a perfect choice. With this application will not have to go past the iPhone for people to see, you can do with Chromecast through television on a larger screen.


A modern version of the classic Pictionary that allows you and your friends use your mobile device to make a drawing that will be on TV through Chromecast. It is a very simple game in which you will be able to establish the number of words per round, as well as the duration of each one of them.


One of the best applications Chromecast to stream content from your computer to your television. The iOS app lets you remotely control all multimedia content comfortably, as if it were some kind of remote control.

There are currently more than a hundred applications for iPhone and iPad compatible with CC, but these are some of the most popular among users of these two devices.

Are you a Chromecast user? What or what your applications are indispensable for this device on your iPhone or iPad? Tell us in the comments!

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