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Saturday, 26 November 2016

The 10 Essential Settings You Can Change with Siri

Although Siri is now light years to hold talks in the purest Her style - in which Scarlett Johansson plays an operating system called Samantha - the reality is that it is a very useful assistant for our Apple devices. However, many of us do not take full advantage of all its features because we do not really know how far you can go, beyond calling someone, send a message, open an app, set an alarm or open maps to go to a place concrete.

And it is that Siri is a truly powerful tool, especially when we have hands busy and we know what to say - this will need to have active Hey Siri -. Write down this list of possibilities, they will be very useful.

How to use Siri?

By now we all know that Siri works through a long press Home button or "Hey Siri", but actually it is quite frustrating when you try to ask something without success. It must be clear that it is a machine and order our ideas before launching the suggestion for Siri to be truly useful.

The most appropriate and effective way to address Siri is with specific orders and , if possible, in the same way they appear in the iOS interface. That is, we can tell you for example to activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi, or raise or lower the brightness. Clear and concrete orders.

What can we ask Siri?

For example, we can tell that activate the Do Not Disturb mode - another tool most underused by users - or check the status of our adjustments .

Other Settings options:

  • Bluetooth power off / on
  • Enable / Disable Airplane Mode
  • Activate / deactivate the data
  • Activate / deactivate night mode
  • Enable / disable battery saving
  • Enable / disable color inversion
  • Enable / disable any specific notifications
  • Enable / Disable VoiceOver

In general, you can ask Siri to open settings or a particular part of the menu, as the General section. Or simply check the status of something, for example ask if the W i-Fi is activated.

Also, do not forget you can also ask you to enter a WhatsApp, or to publish a tweet for you.

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