The 10.9 "iPad Pro will not have Home button and its bezels will be narrower -


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The 10.9 "iPad Pro will not have Home button and its bezels will be narrower

Apple is likely to give much more importance to the screen in the launch of its new iPad Pro 2017. So we wanted to know from reliable blog Makotakara .

Rumors indicate that the new iPad Pro 10.9 inch is almost the same as the current iPad Pro 9.7 inches. Except for one small detail: your screen will be bigger and closer their bezels.

With smaller edges, the new iPad Pro will take full advantage of its size. The top bezel containing the HD camera FaceTime maintain its size, while the side bezels few millimeters will be reduced. As for the lower bezel, it is speculated to have no home button, so its size will also be much lower.

We are facing a change of very bold design, but perhaps necessary taking into account technological advances and innovation in the mobile devices sector during this year 2016. This would be a historic change in Apple 's "iPad was" due to the withdrawal Button. Although there was already a similar design change in the original iPad and iPad 2 bezels.

Like the iPad Pro 10.9 inches, the iPhone 8 could also retire the physical Home button to make way for a Home integrated touch button on the screen.

However, this time Apple would not reduce the thickness of the iPad Pro. This time the 10.9 - inch iPad Pro will have a thickness of 7.5 mm, identical to the thickness of the iPad Air. A clear disadvantage of reducing the size of the bezels and the implementation of the new touch button.

Moreover, it is also mentioned that the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2017 earn 3 millimeters thick, which suggests that also have the tightest edges than current models.

There is great confusion regarding the inches of the new iPad Pro models that Apple will introduce next year. But all the rumors point to it will be three models, and the most logical would be to think that they will be 9'7 inches, 10'9 inches and 12'9 inches. What do you think?

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