The App Store will not approve new apps for Christmas -


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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The App Store will not approve new apps for Christmas

The App Store is the center of excellence of content for Apple devices, the place that gives real meaning to all hardware company. Are more than two million applications , which are available, and with them, more than two million different uses for our iPod Touch, iPhone or Apple TV.

In addition, it is not only one of the references in number of applications, also in quality. And we owe strict approval process following from Apple, which promotes the development of well - functioning apps, and useful to the user.

The App Store does not work for Christmas

This is, as every year, iTunes Connect, the tool dedicated to the management and publishing apps in the App Store, will no longer approve new requests for publication for a few days. More specifically, from 23 to 27 December, as we report from MacRumors .

This does not mean, of course, that new applications can not appear. They should only be programmed in advance to be launched during those days. Nor will it pose any type of inconvenience to the user, who will be able to use their devices with total normality.

New iTunes sales are coming

However, the one that Apple has marked these days in the calendar, yes that can have a more positive reading towards the consumer. And it is quite possible that during those days carried out the Christmas sales always acclaimed iTunes.

And is that there is no better time to enjoy everything that we offer these wonderful devices, than Christmas. Each new app we installed on our iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone or Apple TV, we discovered a great new use for which we had not noticed before. What will we discover this Christmas?

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