The Apple design director tells us a little about the touch bar the new MacBook Pro -


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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Apple design director tells us a little about the touch bar the new MacBook Pro

In an interview, the director of design Apple Jony Ive talks about the process that led to the application of the touch bar on the new line of MacBook Pro.

Ive talks about the evolution of the touch bar located in the new MacBook Pro and called it "the beginning of a very interesting direction" for the company. Not enter into any specific details, but Ive says the company tested several different iterations of similar touch input devices for a while, before installing the touchbar found in the new MacBook Pro.

Ive believes that the philosophy of Apple hardware and software development paved the way for the touchbar.

" They required a fairly mature software environment and hardware prototype mature and sophisticated enough to really be able to find out if these ideas were valuable or not , " Ive said. "You have to know if the prototype is sophisticated enough level ...".

One of the prototypes of the company had a larger haptic trackpad, Ive said that consisted of a combined touch slider with a keyboard, apparently very similar to the keyboard Optimus from a few years ago or the recent rumors about the keyboard electronic ink Sonder. The concept was scrapped, at least temporarily, because there seem to be as "strong" as the company thought it would be.

Ive still believes a multitouch screen is not the right approach for the Mac, stating that the application was not helpful. Still, Ive declined to comment on why, as this would put him in a position to discuss possible future products.

"You get to feel pretty comfortable if you have a design direction that is compelling , " said Ive. "But if you can not figure out how to refine it [not] affect the final product, can still undermine a great idea."

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