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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The best alternatives to Photos for your iPhone and iPad

If you are regular to iPad, you will know more than the software solutions that Apple gives us for our day to day. One is the iCloud Photo Library (or just photos), which offers 5GB of free storage, but for some users may be insufficient. So, today we present five alternatives to store your photos in the cloud and, of course, to view them.

Google Photos

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular applications on the list. It has a free plan with unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels, and videos in 1080p resolution. If you need to upload larger photos or videos at 4K resolution, you have 15 GB free. If, however, it is not enough, you must pay a monthly plan that goes from 1.99 euros per month with 100 GB of storage, to 299.99 euros per month for 30 TB.


Another of the most popular alternatives before the emergence of Google and Apple options was Flickr. Yahoo's social photo network was one of the first to offer free cloud storage and currently gives us a whopping 1TB for free. The only conditions are that the photos do not occupy more than 200 MB (something really complicated happens), and that the videos do not have more than 1 GB. If you do not mind the limit on video is certainly one of the best options.


Microsoft also has its own application, we are talking about OneDrive. Although not one of the best options in terms of storage (15 free GB and 50 GB for 2 euros per month), it can be a great option if you have a subscription Office365 because in that case, we will have 1TB storage In addition to the complete Office pack (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...). The cost is 10 euros per month.


If you previously used the popular social network to upload all your photos, you're in luck. The guys at Facebook launched Moments few months ago , and has very attractive features. We have unlimited storage in high resolution and also as alternatives already mentioned, will organize photos by travel, events, etc. Another great advantage is that if you already have all your friends and family on Facebook, you can easily share your photos with them.


I could not miss the option of the creator of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom. We talked about Mega, a service that offers 50GB of storage. If we want more storage we can opt for several packs ranging from 200 GB for 4.99 euros per month, up to 4 TB for 29.99 euros per month. We are talking about one of the cheaper alternatives in terms of value for money so if you need a lot of space, this is one of the best options.

And you? Do you know any better option? Or with the Apple app you have enough? Explain us in the comments!

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