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Friday, 18 November 2016

The Best Apps to Lose Weight Training With Your iPhone

The App Store has a large number of applications of all kinds, including a handful of them that will serve to lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and stay in shape. And is that other than strength of will and good nutrition, also need to do some exercise. To do this accounts in the App Store with a variety of applications to exercise, both outdoors, as in the gym or even at home.

There are applications for different types of exercise: cardiovascular, toning, yoga, Pilates ... With them you can also keep track and be aware of how much exercise you're doing. So we do not entertain anymore and we are going to see some of the best apps to lose weight with your smartphone.

Turn your iPhone into a personal trainer and get in shape

With these applications you can turn your iPhone around a personal trainer and perform exercise routines without going to a gym or having exercise equipment for home. And there are many types of training very effective that do not require extra materials.

7 Minute Workout

This application provides interval training high intensity, also known as HITT. It offers training routines 12 high - intensity exercise in which the weight of the body itself is used and have a duration of 30 seconds with a break of 10 seconds between one and another.


As you see, lately these types of exercises are very fashionable. Seven is a very similar to the previous exercise routines featuring HITT and has a challenge for 7 minutes of exercise for 7 months application. During that time you will have to give 100% to overcome it successfully and get results ... Do you dare to try?

Run to lose weight

The name of the application and tells us what it is: running slimming This app offers different plans 8 - week training to run, tips and advice to help you lose weight and a record of all the exercise you do.. Running to lose weight is based on a type of training that allows you to burn triple calories as it mixes walking, running and sprinting.


This application allows you to keep track of what you eat every day thanks to your calorie counter, but you can also record the exercise you do every day. This way you will not lose detail of your diet and the amount of exercise you do every day.


Pacer is an accurate gauge of your physical activity, and that counts steps, calories and time that you are active. It has become a great weight control tool that is also capable of recording and monitoring blood pressure.

Abdominal Training

A new way of doing crunches and out of the monotonous exercise routines. With this app you can keep track of the days you train and download instructions on how to do each exercise so you can check them even if you do not have Internet.

Here are some of l as best apps for the iPhone that will be of great help if you are interested in losing weight. In addition, they can also be useful if you just want to get in shape and tone your body.

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