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Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Best Leather Belts for your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch. What an elegant and visual device! True? Many users are fully satisfied with their design, but it is true that some straps make the smartwatch is perhaps too modern.

That a wearable has a modern style does not necessarily imply that it is a negative characteristic, quite the contrary. Everyone has their tastes, right? But if what you want is to give a more traditional touch to your Apple Watch, you're in the right place.

In this article we will recommend the best leather straps to your Apple Watch will provide a much more classic and traditional style.

What are the best leather straps for Apple Watch?

Monowear Leather

Monowear belts are fairly traditional. They have a standard buckle and two safety closures, which makes it an ideal strap for your Apple Watch.

It is available for 59 € in black, brown, red, blue, beige, silver and dark gray colors. They are compatible with models of 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters.

Amazon | To buy

Elobeth Leather Band Cuff

The Elobeth strap is one of our favorite leather. It is inspired by equestrian items and has a very 'cowboys' style.

This strap is made of high quality leather and is definitely aesthetically very beautiful.

It only costs $ 22 and is also available in red, blue and purple colors besides brown classic.

Amazon | To buy

Apple Modern Buckle

An interesting option is the Apple Modern Buckle leather strap for the 38 mm smartwatches.

It has a minimalist style and is made of high quality leather. Available colors are brown, black, blue and red. Although it is only available in blue and black night for € 259 at the Apple Store in Spain.

Apple | To buy

Top4cus Leather Loop

Finally, we recommend the Top4cus leather strap with ribbons for the Apple Watch of 38 millimeters and the Apple Watch of 42 millimeters.

It has a very secure magnetic closure and the leather is soft and very flexible, certainly a very comfortable and elegant strap.

It is available for $ 17 in black, gray, silver, blue, brown and red.

Amazon | To buy

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