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Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Best Metal Belts for your Apple Watch

Customize the Apple Watch is very simple, it is that Apple offers you different models of straps that can be exchanged. However, do not forget also third - party manufacturers, which also have a handful of options on the market.

Leather, rubber, metal ... they are several materials that can find the different straps for Apple Watch, but perhaps a more elegant touch give be the last. That's why today in iPadizate we bring you a small selection of stainless steel straps for the Apple Watch manufactured by third parties.

So we do not entertain us and we will see several stainless steel straps that are available for both models of Apple Watch, both 38 as 42 mm. Let's go there!

Personalize your Apple Watch with one of these stainless steel straps!


Both the closure and the strap of Oittm are made in stainless steel and allows you to put it on and remove it from the Watch in a very simple way. To do this, has some connection adapters stainless steel strap allows you to replace the other in seconds.

The design you have is elegant and reminiscent straps other stainless steel watches you can find in the market. It is available in 12 colors and two models of Apple Watch.

Buy | Stainless steel strap Oittm for Apple Watch ( 38 mm - 42 mm )

Aerb Milanese

The Milanese Loop Apple is quite expensive, but today there are very similar to more affordable alternatives, such as the AERB Milanese. This stainless steel strap gives a different touch to your Apple Watch and is also available in 10 different colors to choose from.

Buy | Correa AERB Milanese for Apple Watch ( 38 mm - 42 mm )


This strap Apple Watch has a sportier, though without neglecting the elegant finish. It has a different design with smaller links and is also available in several colors to choose the one you like best.

Buy | Hoco for Apple Watch strap ( 38 mm - 42 mm )


Mydeal roti is one of those firms selling best stainless steel straps for the Apple Watch. The design is very elegant and the precise cuts make the watch fits perfectly to the wrist.

Buy | Correa Roti Mydeal for Apple Watch ( 38 mm - 42 mm )


This high quality stainless steel strap features a metal adapter to easily attach and remove the strap. In addition, it comes with a screen protector for ultra - thin and transparent and housing. What more could you ask for?

Buy | Correa T-Trees for Apple Watch ( 38 mm - 42 mm )

Bein Silver Buckle

Not all third-party belts for the Apple Watch give you the option to adjust the long, but the Bein Silver Buckle itself. This strap is available only in silver and both the model for the Watch of 38 mm for 42 mm allow varying the length to fit close to your wrist.

Buy | Bein Belt Buckle for Apple Watch Silver ( 38mm - 42mm )


This 3-link strap is another of the best stainless steel options you can find for the Apple Watch. It is also available in a polished black tone that gives a different and very elegant touch that makes the Apple Watch will look even better if it fits on your wrist.

Buy | Lecxci for Apple Watch strap ( 38 mm - 42 mm )


If your doll has some measures between 140 and 205 mm, stainless steel strap for Apple Watch GVDV is your best choice. This strap allows you to personalize your Apple Watch easily and without making a big investment, since it is quite affordable.

Buy | GVDV for Apple Watch strap ( 38 mm - 42 mm )

As you can see, today you can find numerous options in the market for stainless steel straps manufactured by third parties. Thanks to them you can personalize your Apple Watch with quality straps and many more options to choose from those offered by the apple company itself.

And you, which one of these belts would you choose ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Via | iGeeksBlog

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