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Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Best Multiplayer Races to Enjoy on your iPhone or iPad

Both the iPhone and the iPad have become a small console in which to enjoy really incredible games. Also do not forget about the wide variety of titles that you can find in the app store for both devices, with platformers, RPGs, card games, classic games, table, and of course , also racing games.

The App Store has many racing games, many with multiplayer features to enjoy with your friends and other users. If in your free time you like to enjoy a good racing game and challenge your friends to see who is the best you can not stop reading, since then we bring you a compilation with the 5 best.

So we do not entertain any more and we are going to get into this compilation. Let's go there!

Feel the adrenaline and challenge other players with these multiplayer games

Asphalt Xtreme

Goes through uncharted territories around the world, driving at full speed through gorges, desert dunes and many more places to try to reach the finish line before anyone else. In addition, it counts on an online multiplayer mode in real time in which they face 8 players in an all against all. Will you be better than your opponents?

Gear Club

Enjoy a realistic driving experience, collects the most powerful and exclusive cars. Gear Club will give you an adrenaline rush that you will not find in another racing game on the App Store and you can also challenge your friends and other users to see who is the best behind the wheel.

CSR Racing 2

One of the best games of racing cars that you can find in the App Store. Join your friends and form a team to compete in events of global computer, or if you prefer you can compete against them in online multiplayer mode.

Riptide GP2

This racing game is somewhat different because it is not a car race but watercraft with a futuristic air that gives a very interesting touch. Competes through worthy cityscapes futuristic movies, canals and rivers, gives breaks vertigo and perform stunts while running . In online multiplayer mode you can play with up to 6 people and surf the waves to try to win them all.

Death Rally

Death Rally is an action packed game, cars, guns and a truly explosive fun. It features real online multiplayer mode to play with other users around the world, but it also has a private multiplayer mode just for you and your friends.

These are just some of the best multiplayer racing games there in the App Store, which we believe can not miss on any iPhone or iPad of any lover of such games. What is your favorite car racing game?

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