The camera on your smartphone will not have a lens, it will always be in focus and will be ultra-thin -


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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The camera on your smartphone will not have a lens, it will always be in focus and will be ultra-thin

Although it seems revolutionary, the camera without lens already existed. Although the technology has now been improved and we will finally have a commercial model: Hitachi will sell a compact in 2018. This concerns smartphone manufacturers: a camera without a lens would allow the mobiles to be much finer. And do away with the camera humps ...

All commercial cameras, including mobile, rely on a set of lenses that let in light, arranged to impact appropriately on the sensor and moves horizontally to adjust the focus point; Besides the zoom if the objective of the lenses is not fixed. The new Hitachi camera saves all this optical frame. Of rebound, it finishes with the elements that contribute the greater volume to a camera, also mobile.

From optical photography to computer photography

The camera without lens is nothing new. In fact, the first photographs in history were made without thanks lens to the camera obscura : are called pinhole cameras or cameras without lens. Of course: the evolution between those first and rudimentary apparatuses until what has raised Hitachi is gigantic.

The Japanese brand is based on an image sensor with a film on the surface bearing printed template concentric circles. These circles orient the light received by the sensor to register it. Then the real magic, the computer runs: the shadows cast by the concentric circles of the template are compared with a pattern of Moiré ; And the algorithm patented by Hitachi solves the shadows and illuminations of the whole scene.

The advantages of this type of cameras are impressive, but the technology is still far from the quality obtained with the current objectives. In addition to allowing cameras without lens, which would save the thickness of a normal mobile camera reducing it to less than one - third, the images obtained will focus adjustment once already stored.

The camera without a lens would be a real revolution in mobiles

We all "hate" the hump that have the most powerful camera phones. It is very complicated to integrate the thickness of a mobile camera into the thin body of a smartphone, so it ends up sticking out of the phone mainly due to its lens set. Saving these elements implies finer motives. Then we will see if continuing to influence the thinness is positive, from my point of view no.

Hitachi could be the next camera manufacturer on your mobile phone if its technology is efficient. Hopefully it will be.

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