The first microSDs where you can install applications -


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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The first microSDs where you can install applications

The microSD cards allow us to expand the storage of our phone, but they are not quite ready for applications. The new standard for microSD cards is available for applications.

If there is an item that will resist dying are microSD cards. There was a time on Android in which even Google recommended manufacturers not to use them because of their poor performance. Over the years have been used for multimedia files, and now with the new standard we can even save applications.

The new generation of microSD cards, ready to run applications

The association that measures the quality standards of SD cards has recently introduced a new speed standard for microSD cards. This standard is known as A1, and claims to be the first applications compatible with standard microSD cards.

We have already commented on several occasions, applications do not have the best performance in the world on microSD cards. Although reading and writing in sequential mode of modern cards (essential for multimedia content) is fast enough, the read mode and random writing is not good enough.

As this second mode of access is the one that matters for memory applications, the standard SD organization has focused on this aspect. Class A1 cards guarantee a minimum speed in writing and random reading, allowing you to use applications without any restrictions.

How do I know if a card is compatible with Apps? Will my mobile phone be compatible?

Two very important doubts about this new standard without a doubt.

How do we know that the card is of A1 class? When buying new card A1 class. There are two ways to know that our new card is suitable for applications. In the box of the card will come the logo of the type A1 cards, but not only that. The logo will also be included in the card itself.

Will my phone supported? In principle there should be no problem. According to the organization, this class will be available for microSDXC and microSDHC type cards, so if your mobile is compatible with these formats, it will be with class A1.

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