The Galaxy S8 with the 3D Touch of the iPhone, Samsung will copy Apple once again? -


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Monday, 14 November 2016

The Galaxy S8 with the 3D Touch of the iPhone, Samsung will copy Apple once again?

In the smartphone market increasingly we have more variety to choose from , but the fact is that it highlights two very difficult knock heavyweights: Apple and Samsung. These two titans compete and compete every year for being the firm that reaches more sales around the world. Not in vain, these two technology firms have followers as if they were two football teams.

The rivalry between the Cupertino giant and South Korean has been more than proven over the years, good example of this is the fight for patents and disputes remain in court for claims of intellectual property violation. Perhaps with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , Apple has not surprised when it comes to design, but the performance and features that make have nothing to envy the current Android flagships. Now comes the news that, depending on how events happen, may be a new fight between Apple and its direct rival.

Samsung, copying the 3D Touch from Apple?

The company of Tim Cook surprised last year with the technology of two pressure levels in the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro , which originally was to be called Force Touch - like functionality that integrate MacBook - but ultimately know as 3D Touch. The new iPhone 7 has the mission to incorporate more features to take advantage of this concept, which is the evolution of Multi-Touch and can be really useful if Apple can find the form.

It seems that this technology it is very greedy to Samsung because, as stated in the specialized portal Phone Arena , the company may be preparing to enter the next Galaxy S8. As it has been filtered, Samsung is already performing the necessary tests with the features of the Force Touch concept, ie a touch screen sensitive to different levels of pressure.

But does not mean we will see a 3D Touch S8 with the iPhone, because Samsung believes that adaptation will be ready in about two years. In any case, what we can see is that the South Korean giant envies this feature of Apple phones. What do you think "borrow" the 3D Touch?

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